The WOW Effect in Win-Win Negotiations

Written by Jasmin Bergeron.

The WOW Effect in Win-Win Negotiations

The WOW Effect in Win-Win Negotiations

Constant competition means customers expect more and pay less. Customers who negotiate were the exception a few years ago, but they will be a majority in the near future. The most successful advisors negotiate in a win-win perspective. They know how to highlight and sell their ideas, while respecting their clients. The Win-Win Negotiation Conference was built with these ideas in mind.

This presentation, based on practice and interaction, is laced with humour. It was designed in conjunction with several top negotiators and sets out best practices in the field. Jasmin will offer examples, testimonials and exercises that you can quickly deploy, for a highly rewarding session.

Now, let’s take action!



Lowering client interest in negotiating

  • Preparation and negotiation go hand-in-hand
  • Strategies for establishing a value- (not price-) based approach
  • Distinguishing “shoppers” from serious customers

Êtes-vous un négociateur ou un conseiller?

  • Les meilleurs conseillers négocient rarement. Comment y arrivent-ils?
  • Êtes-vous des vendeurs de prix ou de conseils?
  • Comment changer la philosophie des clients par rapport à la négociation?

Win-win negotiation principles

  • Getting the client's commitment
  • The “Three Whys”
  • Casting doubt on competing offers
  • Reducing your concessions
  • Importance of tit for tat
  • Ending negotiations with a WOW!

Real examples of success

  • Winning "win-win" negotiating techniques
  • Negotiating with tough customers
  • What to do when emotions are running high
  • Innovative strategies from the best negotiators