The WOW Effect in Teamwork

Written by Jasmin Bergeron.

The WOW Effect in Teamwork

Conférence Effet WOW en équipe

Like elite sports teams, the best organizations display the best teamwork! The ability to work as a team and to generate WOW! regularly among colleagues is an important factor in any company’s success. The best road to improvement is the one travelled together! The WOW Effect in Teamwork Conference was built with this principle in mind.

This presentation was created with the help of highly effective teams and designed to provide a tight fit with your needs and your expectations. Jasmin will outline a number of practical ways you can give your team spirit a second wind. He will also offer principles, examples, testimonials and exercises that you can quickly deploy to ensure a highly rewarding session!

Now, let’s take action!



Generating WOW among your colleagues

  • Survey results on how a team’s most valued members act
  • Working in teams to grow results
  • Increasing participation, involvement and commitment
  • Promoting the emergence of a team identity

Creating and (most importantly) maintaining effective team spirit

  • Motivational and demotivational factors
  • Orchestration of individual strengths: a team challenge!"
  • Increasing credibility and trust

Creative recognition

  • My team: A stepping-stone to personal recognition!
  • You’ll be more interesting if you’re interested!
  • Trust forged through personal recognition

Real examples of success

  • Practical tips for recharging your work environment
  • Troubleshooting and change management strategies
  • Profiles and behaviour of people who produce WOW!