The WOW effect in leadership

Written by Jasmin Bergeron.

The WOW effect in leadership

Conférence Effet WOW en leadership

The most effective organizations are those with the best teamwork! Success is rarely a matter of chance. Good teamwork takes time, but you can learn how to inspire your staff, give them recognition and spur their improvement through stimulating daily routines. Meeting this challenge means recognizing and reasserting the qualities, skills and abilities that define WOW teams! The WOW Effect in Leadership Conference was built with these ideas in mind. Being part of a winning team is exciting, mobilizing and most of all—gratifying!

This presentation was designed in conjunction with successful managers and tailored to your needs and expectations, ensuring a highly rewarding experience. This conference features practical tips that you can put into play quickly to ensure a highly rewarding experience!

Now, let’s take action!



Engaging for better performance

  • Reflection and assessment—What kind of team leader do you want to be?
  • Best practices to evolve from a group to a team
  • Moving forward through collaboration
  • Effective coaching principles

Employee recognition

  • The keys to trust
  • Enhancing team relations
  • Most motivating activities
  • Best behaviour for managers

Creative acknowledgement

  • Different types of acknowledgement
  • Encouraging a sense of belonging
  • Best practices for acknowledgement online, on the phone and one on one
  • Maximizing your time for better recognition

Real examples for success

  • Practical tips on recognizing the value of your team members
  • Innovative strategies for boosting your leadership
  • Excellent techniques for giving your team a second wind