The WOW effect!

Written by Jasmin Bergeron.

The WOW effect!

The WOW effect!Creating a WOW effect around you is one way to stand out and improve the overall satisfaction of people you meet.

The WOW is a moment of amazement and delight that everyone enjoys. The WOW effect hits hard! We remember the people and companies that make us live a WOW moment because they are fascinating and distinct. What do they have in common? How do they distinguish themselves and engage us? The WOW Effect! Conference was built with this idea in mind. It lays out the most effective strategies for generating WOW!

This conference focuses on practice, interaction and humour. It was designed in conjunction with certain individuals who have made marks in their personal and professional lives with their abilities to produce WOW. Jasmin presents principles, examples, testimonials and exercises that you’ll be able to put into play quickly, for a rewarding learning experience!

Now, let’s take action!



The WOW! Effect

  • Benefits of a WOW effect
  • Profile of people and organizations that generate WOW

A WOW is all about expectations

  • Little things that make the big difference
  • Promise less, give more!
  • Effective strategies for lowering expectations
  • Tips for mastering the art of expectation management!

A WOW is a perception!

  • Useful tools for making people aware of the WOW you generate for them
  • Credibility and the chameleon effect
  • Improving perceptions of a WOW.

You won’t get a second chance to create a great final impression

  • The final impression is more important than the first in creating a WOW
  • Finish strong to generate a WOW
  • Concrete strategies to make a stunning final impression

Interested + enthusiastic = WOW!

  • To be interested is to be interesting!
  • Practical tips for passing on your contagious enthusiasm
  • Real examples to build more WOW around you

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